Friendship Heated Up Again in The Cricket World, Shahid Afridi Made A Shocking Revelation!

Sangeeta Viswas
3 weeks ago

The upcoming T20 World Cup next month has cricket fans buzzing! This time, India’s Yuvraj Singh and Pakistan’s Shahid Afridi were chosen as brand ambassadors. But after the announcement, something went down on social media that left everyone surprised.

Pakistani Journalist Trolls Raina, Raina Fires Back!

A Pakistani journalist tagged Raina in a post that said, “ICC made Shahid Afridi the T20 World Cup ambassador. Hello Suresh Raina.”

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Raina wasn’t having any of it. He replied, “I may not be an ICC ambassador, but I have the 2011 World Cup trophy at home. Remember the Mohali match? Hope that jogs some unforgettable memories for you.”

But Did Raina REALLY Delete the Tweet Because of Afridi?

There’s a new twist in the tale! Shahid Afridi revealed on his YouTube channel that he actually called Raina and asked him to delete the tweet, which Raina did.

Afridi said, “Raina and I have shared some great cricketing moments. He’s a fantastic guy. Sometimes, things get heated online. After seeing his post, I spoke to him. He understood the situation like a younger brother and agreed to delete the tweet. All’s good, these things happen.”

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A Win For Friendship!

This is definitely good news for the cricket world. Afridi and Raina’s friendship is well-known. Both players have had some epic clashes on the field against each other.

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