The Business is in The Blood Of SRH Owner Kavya Maran, Success Kisses Her Feet

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

SRH owner Kavya Maran has business in her blood, success kisses her feet. Despite losing the final match of IPL 2024, the shine of Sunrisers Hyderabad is not fading.

Owner Of Two Teams:-

The Orange Army, which performed brilliantly throughout the tournament, lost badly to Kolkata Knight Riders in the final match last Sunday.

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But, the owner of the team went viral on social media. Kavya Maran is the CEO and owner of Sunrisers Hyderabad. She has returned from London after doing ABA. She comes from the ‘First Family’ of Tamil Nadu. Her mother and father are successful businessmen.

Many of her videos of the stadium during the final match and after that went viral on social media and due to this Kavya became a familiar face for every cricket fan.

Often Used To Be in The Stadium During Sunrisers Matches

In IPL season 2024, Kavya was the most favorite star off the field for the cameramen during the match. She often used to be in the stadium during Sunrisers matches, cheering the players and then the camera would definitely catch her eye.

Today, through Kavya, let us talk about her business skills, her family and the financial health of her team.

Kavya is currently the owner of two cricket teams. Along with Hyderabad Sunrisers in IPL, her team Sunrisers Eastern Cape is also in South Africa’s ‘SA20’ league.

Kavya’s Business Skills

This league started in January 2023. So far, two seasons of this have been completed and Kavya Maran’s team Eastern Cape was victorious in both the seasons.

As far as Kavya’s business skills are concerned, there is no need to tell about it. Business is in her blood. She is the only child of her parents.

His mother Kaveri Maran is herself a successful business woman. Last year, she was chosen as the most powerful business woman by Business Today.

She is also one of the highest paid business women in the country. She is the executive director of Sun TV Network, whose revenue is more than Rs 4000 crore.

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His father Kalanithi Maran is its owner and his net worth is about Rs 25 thousand crore. Kalanithi Maran comes from the family of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin.

MK Stalin’s family is considered the first family in Tamil Nadu politics. Stalin’s father M. Karunanidhi was a former CM and veteran politician.

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