Major decisions are taken in ICC meeting on umpires call

Sudev Haldar
3 years ago

Major decisions are taken in International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting on umpires call

The Board of International Cricket Council decided that the controversial ‘umpires call’ will remain part of the umpires’ decision review system (DRS) but implemented some changes to the existing DRS rules.

Indian captain Virat Kohli termed the umpire calls as ‘confusing’ and has been the subject of controversy for some time.

According to the current rules, if the umpire’s decision of not out is challenged, he must hit more than 50 percent of the ball with at least one stump to replace it. In the event of this not happening, the batsman remains not out.

ICC Cricket Committee and Anil Kumble said

In a statement issued by the board meeting ended, ICC Cricket Committee chief and former Indian captain Anil Kumble said, “There was a great discussion in the cricket committee regarding the umpires’ call and a detailed assessment of its use was made.

He said, “The principle of DRS is that clear mistakes can be removed during the match, while also ensuring that the umpires ‘role as decision-makers on the field remains… The umpires’ call makes it happen and This is why it is important that it remains intact.

Kohli said that if even a small part of the ball is hitting the stumps, then the batsman should be given out.

ICC made three minor changes to the rules of DRS and third umpires

“The height of the wicket zone has been increased to the top of the stumps for the review of the turban,” the ICC said in a statement.

This means that on taking the review, the height above the bails will be looked at whereas earlier the height of the lower part of the bails was considered. This will increase the height of the wicket zone.

The player will be able to ask the umpire whether a genuine attempt was made to play the ball before deciding on a review of the decision of Pagbadha.

The statement said, “Major decisions are taken in ICC meeting on umpires call, The third umpire will be able to review it in the reply in the event of a short run and if there is a mistake, correct it before the next ball is bowled.”

It was also decided that the interim Covid-19 rules, implemented in 2020, will be continued to restore international cricket.

“The committee has noted the spectacular performance of domestic umpires in the last nine months but has encouraged the appointment of neutral elite panel umpires wherever possible due to the circumstances,” the ICC release said.

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