Scandal in Pakistan Cricket! Hafeez Exposed The Black Money, Targeted These Players

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Scandal in Pakistan cricket! Hafeez exposed black money, targeted these players. Do you know what is going on in Pakistan cricket these days? Yes, the atmosphere has become very heated after Pakistan’s two consecutive defeats in the T20 World Cup 2024.

And in this heated atmosphere, former Pakistan captain and veteran player Mohammad Hafeez has made some shocking revelations. Hafeez has made serious allegations against the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which you will also be surprised to know about.

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What Allegations Has Hafeez Made?

Hafeez alleges that the PCB has ‘bargained’ with some players. These players have recently been brought back from retirement, while the players who performed well in domestic cricket were ignored. Hafeez says that these players are playing only for money and their presence in the team is harmful for Pakistan cricket.

Which Players Did Hafeez Target?

Hafiz did not directly name any player, but it is believed that he is talking about Mohammad Aamir and Imad Wasim.

Both the players have not played domestic cricket for Pakistan for a long time, but still they were included in the team for an important tournament like the World Cup.

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Is there any truth in Hafeez’s allegations?

It is difficult to say how much truth is there in Hafeez’s allegations. But, it is certain that Pakistan cricket’s performance has been disappointing in this T20 World Cup. And Hafeez’s allegations have further increased this disappointment.

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