Shahid Afridi on Virat Kohli: Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has said that Virat Kohli should have replied to Babar Azam ‘s tweet by now. Had he done so, the relations between the two countries would have improved.

Along with this, he has also said that he does not expect any reply from Virat. Pakistan captain Babar Azam had supported Virat by tweeting. He wrote on Virat’s poor form that this time too shall pass.

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Afridi believes that Virat should have replied to Babar’s tweet:-

Shahid Afridi believes that Virat Kohli should have replied to Babar’s tweet. By doing so, the mutual relations between India and Pakistan would have been strengthened. Afridi said that players can improve relations between the two countries in a much better way than politicians.

It would be a big deal if Virat tweets in response to Babar’s tweet, but Afridi doesn’t think it will happen.

Babar had said this thing about Virat Kohli by tweeting :-

Babar Azam tweeted after Virat was dismissed for 16 in the match against England, tagging Virat, “This time too shall pass.” After this, when asked questions about Virat before the Test match against Sri Lanka, Babar Azam said that as a player, I know that you can go through this kind of out-of-form.

I also know what a player does in such an era and what goes through that. That’s when you need support. I just tweeted thinking it would support and give them courage. He is one of the best players in the world.

Virat has been playing a lot of cricket and he knows how to get out of these situations. It takes time. It would be really cool if you support the players in this round.

Virat Kohli could only score 158 runs in seven ODIs played this year :-

Kohli has been able to score only 158 runs in seven ODIs played this year, with only two half-centuries. He is third in the ICC ODI Batsmen’s Rankings behind Babar and Imamul Haque of Pakistan.

Rohit Sharma defended Kohli :-

Indian captain Rohit Sharma interrupted a journalist who was going to inquire about Kohli’s poor form. Rohit said, “Why is this being talked about man. I don’t understand the meaning brother. He has played so many matches for so long.

He is such a great batsman and he doesn’t need any assurance. I have said before that the form keeps going up and down. It happens to every cricketer. The careers of even the greatest cricketers have had their ups and downs. Virat Kohli needs an innings or two to get back in form.

I believe so and I am sure that cricket watchers will also think so. Check out his past records. His centuries, his average, his experience. There are bad times in personal life too.”

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England captain Jos Buttler said this in defense of Virat Kohli;-

England captain Jos Buttler defended Virat, saying, “Kohli is also a human being and his score can be bad in some matches. He is one of the best cricketers in the world.”

Playing so wonderfully for so many years and bad phase comes in the career of all players. As the opposition captain, all I can say is that a player like him needs an innings but hopefully he doesn’t make it against us.”