IPL 2022: Aamir Khan invited this Gujarat spinner to come home and urged him to cook and feed

New Delhi, Online Desk. Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was also seen doing commentary in the final match of IPL 2022. During this he met Gujarat fast bowler Mohd. Shami also interviewed spinner Rashid Khan. Aamir’s love for cricket is not hidden from anyone and he has often been seen encouraging the players in the stadium during matches. During the commentary in the final match, Aamir Khan while talking to Rashid Khan also praised his cooking skills.

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Rashid Khan was part of Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022

Rashid Khan was a part of Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022. He also cooked and fed his fellow players of Gujarat Titans. Aamir Khan, who is familiar with Rashid’s cooking art, told him that I have heard that you have fed your fellow players too. So when will I get the taste of your handmade food. Responding to this, Rashid Khan said that it would be a pleasure to cook for you Aamir sir. Responding to this, Aamir said that the next time you are in Mumbai. You can come to my house, but you have to cook and feed me.

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Aamir Khan told Rashid Khan that you are a bowler

During this chat, Aamir Khan told Rashid Khan that you are a bowler. But in IPL 2022 I have also seen you batting well. In response, Rashid Khan had said that now I will request the team management to give all-rounder status in the player list and not just bowler. Let us tell you that Rashid Khan was bought by the Gujarat team in IPL 2022. Prior to this he was a part of Sunrisers Hyderabad team for five years. After winning the Gujarat title, Rashid Khan had said that it was the biggest achievement of his career.

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