IPL 2025: Drama Over Retention! Team Owners Want More Retention, BCCI is Adamant!

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

IPL 2025: Drama Over Retention! Team Owners Want More Retention, BCCI is Adamant! The IPL 2024 season is over, with Kolkata Knight Riders taking the crown. Now, the focus is on the upcoming IPL 2025 mega auction.

As per the rules, each franchise can retain a maximum of four players under the ‘3+1’ retention rule. This means they can retain three players directly and one more using the ‘Right to Match’ card.

However, recent reports suggest that most franchises want to retain eight players for the next season.

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More Retention, More Drama?

According to News18, while most team owners are pushing for eight-player retention, the BCCI is adamant about sticking to the ‘3+1’ rule.

The reasoning behind this is that the mega auction is meant to bring about significant changes in team compositions. With the new rule, there’s speculation that big names like Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli could end up playing for different teams.

Retention Rules: A Big No-No?

Media reports also state that an IPL team official has dismissed rumors of extensive retention for IPL 2025.

They argue that retaining six players and then using the ‘Right to Match’ card on one or two more players would render the entire mega auction process pointless. They also believe that not having the auction could negatively impact the IPL’s popularity as a league.

Loyal Fans and the Retention Conundrum

Another issue with the ‘3+1’ retention rule is that franchises might not be able to retain their star players. Some teams have fan bases that are heavily reliant on specific players, like Virat Kohli’s association with RCB.

However, according to the News18 report, a source mentioned that IPL can’t be compared to leagues like EPL, as it will take a long time for such a fan base to develop in the IPL.

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There have also been discussions about replacing the auction with a draft system, but the auction is what keeps the excitement alive in the Indian Premier League.

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