KKR’s Gurbaz Plays A Heartwarming Prank On Auto Driver!

Sangeeta Viswas
3 weeks ago

IPL 2024: KKR’s Gurbaz Plays A Heartwarming Prank On Auto Driver! KKR’s swashbuckling opener Rahmanullah Gurbaz is known for his explosive batting, but recently he did something that won hearts off the field. Gurbaz pulled a prank on an auto driver that’s sure to leave you teary-eyed.

He’d Forgotten His Wallet Back At The Hotel:-

Gurbaz was riding an auto during IPL 2024 when he reached his destination. But as he got down, he realized he’d forgotten his wallet back at the hotel!

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Gurbaz told the driver he didn’t have any money. He thought the driver might get annoyed or angry.

Even Offered Him Some Money For His Return Trip:-

But what happened next was pure wholesomeness. The driver recognized Gurbaz and even offered him some money for his return trip!

The emotional moment ended with a warm hug between the two. Gurbaz was touched by the driver’s generosity.

The Hearts Of The Poor Are The Richest:-

Gurbaz shared this heartwarming video on social media with a powerful message: “The hearts of the poor are the richest. Help others without reason and give without expecting anything in return. Serving others is the rent you pay for your space in this world.”

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Gurbaz’s video is going viral, and people are praising his kind act.

Did you like Gurbaz’s prank? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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