BCCI Assures Safe Return To Foreign Players After IPL Ends

Sarita Dey
3 years ago

IPL 2021: ‘We’ll ensure you reach home seamlessly. BCCI assures safe returns to foreign players.

The BCCI on Tuesday ensured that the foreign players participating in the ongoing season of the IPL will return home seamlessly once the tournament ends. The statement came a day after three Australian cricketers pulled out of the league amid an upsurge of COVID-19 cases in India.

As per a PTI report, BCCI COO Hemang Amin has communicated with the players through a letter and stated that they have ‘nothing to worry about. He further mentioned that the Indian cricket board is closely monitoring the situation. Working with the government authorities to make necessary arrangements for their return after the conclusion of the tournament.

“We understand that many of you are apprehensive about how you will get back home once the tournament concludes… We want to apprise you that you have nothing to worry about,” BCCI COO Hemang Amin said in a letter addressed to the players.

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This comes after reports of some foreign players being wary of the situation. They will return to their respective countries at the end of the 14th edition of the cash-rich league emerged. In a letter to the players and support staff, Hemang addressed the apprehension and concerns of the cricketers. He said that the tournament isn’t over for the BCCI till every player reaches home safely.

Amin lauded the players for carrying on. “As some of you have said, ‘if we can help distract people from all the troubles of recent times even if it is for a short while. We have done a great job’. When you all walk out onto the field, you are bringing hope to millions of people who have tuned in.

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