A Veteran Player Made A Big Allegation On ICC! Sri Lanka Is Being Discriminated Against in T20 WC

Sangeeta Viswas
1 week ago

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: A Veteran Player Made A Big Allegation On ICC! Sri Lanka Is Being Discriminated Against in T20 WC. The T20 World Cup hasn’t begun kindly for Sri Lanka. They got absolutely hammered by South Africa in their opening match, mustering a measly 77 runs.

Yikes! But wait, there’s more to the story than just a bad batting performance. Sri Lankan legend Mahesh Theekshana has some strong accusations for the ICC.

Discrimination Claims: What’s The Deal?

Theekshana is pointing fingers at the ICC, alleging discrimination against the Sri Lankan team. He says Sri Lanka is facing a lot more hassle compared to other teams.

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Why So Much Fuss?

Theekshana’s main gripe? Sri Lanka has to play all four of their group-stage matches at different venues! This constant traveling between hotels and stadiums is causing a major headache for the players.

Is This Actually True?

Here’s the thing, Theekshana has a point. Unlike most other teams, Sri Lanka (along with Netherlands) is indeed on a multi-city tour for the group stage.

Travel Blues Affecting Performance?

Theekshana believes this constant traveling is messing with the team’s performance. Delays in reaching venues and lack of proper rest are taking a toll, he says.

Captain Unhappy Too!

Sri Lankan skipper Wanindu Hasaranga is also fuming about the situation. He points out that Sri Lanka has just 3 days to prepare for their next match against Bangladesh. With all this travel, proper practice time is taking a hit.

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ICC Yet to Respond

The ICC hasn’t commented on the Sri Lankan players’ accusations yet.

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