Ravi Shastri made a demand, said- World Cup tournament should be played only in this format

New Delhi, Online Desk. Ravi Shastri, the former head coach of the Indian cricket team, has expressed his concern about the high number of T20 cricket happening. He has said about T20 cricket that it should only happen in the World Cup. According to him bilateral series of T20 should be banned.

Talking to ESPN Cricinfo, he said that yes, of course, there is a lot of bilateral things going on in T20 cricket. I have said earlier also when I was the coach of India, even then I could see it happening in front of my eyes. We should look at it on the lines of football where you only play the World Cup. No one remembers the bilateral tournament.”

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Upcoming T20 World Cup is going to start from October 2022

The upcoming T20 World Cup is going to start from October 2022. This year it is being hosted by the defending champions Australia.

“I don’t remember a single match in the last six-seven years as India coach, except the World Cup. A team wins the World Cup, they will remember it. Unfortunately we didn’t, so we don’t remember. You play franchise cricket all over the world; each country is allowed their own franchise cricket, which is their domestic cricket, and then, every two years, you come and play a World Cup.”

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Talking about Ravi Shastri tenure, he took over the responsibility of coaching Team India for 4 years

Talking about Ravi Shastri’s tenure as coach, he took over the responsibility of coaching Team India for 4 years. During this time, the Indian team managed to become number one in Tests as well as qualify for the World Test Championship. Apart from this, India played 43 Test matches under his coaching in which 25 were won and 13 were lost. Apart from this, the team played 76 ODIs and 65 T20 matches. The team won 51 ODIs and won 43 T20 matches during this period.

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